How to say YES to the Unknowns – Foster Care & Adoption

The unknowns of foster care The unknowns of foster care are one of the biggest hurdles that prevent people from becoming foster parents. The other is the fear of getting “too attached” and having to say goodbye. I will save the latter for another post. When we started the foster parenting process, we knew one […]

Foster Parenting 101 – When the Baby Won’t Let You Sleep

Foster Baby and Sleep It is hard enough when you have a new baby and you are waking every night to feed and comfort them as they get used to life on this side of the womb. There comfy dark warm and cozy spot has been taken away and now they are exposed to the […]

8 Foster Parent Requirements I get asked lots of questions when I connect with someone wanting to become a foster parent. I remember all those questions and feelings which is a big reason why I share about foster parenting online. Because it was hard to find the answers. So after almost 5 years of fostering I have created […]

Embracing the Adoption Wait – Why God Makes us Wait

It doesn’t matter who or what or when you are waiting for. There is often an element of pain to a big wait. The adoption wait…. well I can say from a personal (long) experience it’s a tough wait. I know there are a lot of people here who are foster and adoptive parents and […]

6 Ways to Defeat Discouragement for Foster Parents

Foster parents everywhere get discouraged often. That is the reality of working within a broken system in a broken world with broken people. What can you do to defeat discouragement in foster parenting? Maybe something has happened in your child’s case where you feel like giving up. Give up hope, give up caring, give up […]

Foster Parent Toolbox – Emotional Regulation

I bet when you became a foster parent you didn’t know a fraction of what you do know. About brain development, psychology, medical terms, the finnegan scale, and a bunch of terms that were probably meaningless to you before. Today we are going to talk about just that. Emotional regulation.  There are terms referred to […]

What to Expect When Adopting from the Foster Care System

We have been foster parents for 5 years now. We recently adopted our daughter Rosie from the foster care system after fostering her from 1 day old. The journey was filled with ups and downs. Things we expected and lots of things we didn’t. I have the privilege of speaking into many foster and adoptive […]

The Biggest Problems in the Foster Care System

I want to start off this blog post about the biggest problems in the foster care system with a specific prefix. I hate to complain, I don’t think complaining solves problems, I believe action solves problems. At the end of this post there are some tangible ways everyone can help and if everyone took an […]