Motherhood, Materialism, and Minimalism God’s Way Episode 8

Motherhood, Materialism and Minimalism God’s Way. My husband rolled his eyes at me for what seemed like the 100th time that month. I was feeling resentment towards him trying to micromanage every purchase I made.  I mean I worked too, I deserve to buy that new home decor item and to add to my children’s […]

Faith and Minimalism with Dawn from the Minimal Mom Episode 9

Let’s talk about faith and minimalism and implementing minimalism in our families and our home. In today’s podcast we are chatting with Dawn from the Minimal Mom. Dawn is a wealth of knowledge on family minimalism. She is passionate about helping other moms find solutions to living more simply. Dawn Shares this Bible Verse 1 […]

Decluttering Rules When Starting a Minimalism Journey

I am by no means a minimalism expert. I’ve just been on a minimalism journey and have learned a ton along the way. About myself, my possessions and the reasons why I purchase things. I have seen the freedom and joy that comes from a more minimalist lifestyle. I believe our culture is so caught […]

Systems and Structures to Glorify God – Episode 11

This is all about systems within our homes. Systems within motherhood. This is Holy Order to me. God is a God of order and I believe this is one way we can honor Him. As I often do, I like to share a little story to start my solo podcast episodes. You see I often […]

Setting the Intention for Your Home – Episode 12

Setting the intention for your home is so important to bring peace and function into your home. I heard about this concept when I was starting my minimalism journey two years ago. And it really was a lightbulb moment for me. I wish I could remember exactly where I heard this so I could share […]

Pass on the Wisdom HE SAID

This is probably going to be the most personal post I have ever written. But it needs to be said because this is why this whole online platform exists. So here goes… In an instant—everything changed.  I tripped over a toy, spilling my hot coffee all down the front of my shirt. Cleaning up, through […]

How to Get Ahead with Housework

Assign specific tasks to specific days. Also known as Zone Cleaning Delegate to your family. Raise capable children! Be a team Keep a chart so everyone knows their expectations Family meeting weekly Use a cleaning chart – I have one with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Find your cleaning style – knock it all […]

How to Simplify Your Kid’s Clothes Quickly

how to simplify your kids clothes quick

Simplify your kid’s clothes FAST Are you searching for decluttering ideas for your kid’s clothes? Are you struggling with laundry mountain, like no matter what you do you can never seem to stay on top of keeping the laundry cleaned and put away? Next to toys, clothes were my biggest stressor when I started my […]

Simple Systems to Declutter with Your Kids

decluttering systems minimalism motherhood

System Based Approach The best way to keep on top of clutter and get your kids involved in the decluttering process is to take a system-based approach. Which just means do something in the same order on a regular basis.  Establish Your Timeline What sort of timeline works for your family? A Saturday Morning quick […]